Why Do I Create Art?

Jonezy Art
2 min readApr 4, 2021
Moderna Museet — One of the museums I have the opportunity to visit

Hello! My name is Jonezy and I am an artist.

Ever since I was small, I am fascinated with the power of creation. With my own hands, I can build places, characters, creatures, and whatever I can think of! Art is an act of creation where you get to form thoughts and feelings and turn them into a visual masterpiece. It is a form of communication connecting my mind’s eye to the viewers’ eye. The idea is only an idea until it has brought into existence. You would never know how your creation would affect someone viewing it.

Whenever I am in a new city, I always make a point to visit museums, especially art-focused ones. I have been to Modern Museet, MoMA and others. I always enjoyed viewing works of art by famous painters from all over the world.

The first time I saw Van Gogh’s Starry Night, I was speechless and emotional. I remember that I had tears in my eyes and was shaking a bit. I was utterly speechless. There stood in front of me was the famous painting by one of my favorite painters. I took this feeling and kept it in a box in my heart. It was something that I have treasured ever since that day. It really left a big impression on me.

I open that box and let the memories of that day flow whenever I create new artwork. I want to leave the same feeling to the viewer that I felt that day. Passing it forward to new generations and somehow leave a legacy.

And that is why I create art.